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Universal Accounting Live Student Websites

Our objectives are to give each of our students a website that they can grow with. The flexibility of the websites also creates a small learning curve. You can edit and change all the text, images, logos, pages, and posts on the website to suite your needs. You will not be able to change the placement of the items on the site but many syles and templates are available and more will be available in the future. We will be adding answers to your questions here and by email. Please check back for answers to your questions. If you have a question not answered here please email us.

SLT Complete Business Services
Student: Edwin Grimwood
Website URL:   http://www.sltcbservices.com

Pratz Bookkeeping & Tax
Student: Corinne Pratz
Website URL:   http://www.pratzbookkeeping.com

RES Solutions LLC
Website URL:   http://www.ressolutionsllc.com

Student: Leonard W.
Company: Wilfert Accounting Services
Website URL:   http://www.wilfertaccountingservices.com

Student: John B.
Company: Shiloh Accounting Group, LLC
Website URL:   http://www.shiloaccounting.com

Student: Carl B.
Company: Carl Boydstun, CPA.
Website URL:  http://www.boydstuncpa.com

Student: John F.
Company Name: Forman Financial Services
Website URL:  http://www.forman-financial-services.com

Student: Philip K.
Company Name: Budget Bookkeeping Services
"Affordable Bookkeeping for Small Businesses"
Website URL:  http://www.budgetb.com
Read About Philip's Experience

Student: Judith F.
Company Name: Custom Accounting Services
Website URL:  http://www.jlrpfinancial.com/

Student: Scott B.
Company Name: Business Resolutions, LLC Website URL:  www.spacecoastprofitexpert.com

Student: Jeanette F.
Company Name: Accountable Accounting Firm Website URL:  http://www.accountableaccountingfirm.com/

Student Name: Heather H.
Company Name: Accounting and Tax Services"
Read About Heather's Experience

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