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Universal Accounting Student Testimonials

Deborah S.
"I was a novice when it came to setting up a website. Thanks to UA Sites Support I now feel very confident in making changes and updating my website. He spent several hours on the phone coaching me in the finer details of the sites many options. After these lessons, I find the site to be very user friendly and easy to understand with extreme functionality. It is only because of his specialized knowledge and support that my website is structured in a professional manner; yet personalized to represent my company in a unique way." If there is more that you need from me, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you for all of your wonderful help and hard work,

Mary M.
"UA Sites Support has been instrumental in helping me set up my website! He is always promptly available for every conference call and spends as much time as needed to get the job done! I am very happy with the ease of inputting information and the customization options. I also appreciate all the information that was provided within the website by Universal Accounting and then all I had to do was customize it. UA Sites Support did a fabulous job in teaching me how to navigate on the back end to further customize my information. My website was up in no time and I was ready for business! Thanks to UA Sites Support and Universal Accounting!" Have a great day! Mary M.

Heather H.
"Thank you for your help in setting up my website and teaching me how to edit it. The site looks very professional. I have already received several compliments on how great it looks. It is very easy to edit. You were very clear when you were showing me how to manage the site. You took your time and made sure I understood as well as gave me very helpful advice. I appreciate the fact that you called at our exact appointment time and made my requested changes quickly and efficiently. Again thank you and I look forward to continuing to work with you." Sincerely, Heather J. H.

Kevin W.
"Thanks for all your help but at this time money is the dictator. Please cancel my web page. You did a great job on the site.
In fact, FANTASTIC JOB! I will be back when life gets better." Thanks, KW

Cheryl M.
Thank you so much for your tutorial on the my website. It was highly informative and I learned alot. I have absolutely no knowledge on website design and technology. Spending an hour with UA Sites Support helped me to gain an insight of what a website does and how to utilize it to grow my business. It is refreshing to have
someone so knowledgeable assist me in designing my site. Building a website can be extremely frustrating which is why I've been procrastinating for so long. But, UA Sites Support made it a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Thank you so much UA Sites Support. Have a great day! Cheryl M.

Philip K. View Site
UA Sites Support, I have had an easy time getting it set up and running, due to your rapid resolution of all my problems, and the advice and support of others in Universal Accounting

Carol P.
Thanks for helping me on my website! I was a novice when I was faced with designing my own website. But my initial help put me at ease right away and gave me confidence on how to edit my pages and make my site look the way I wanted. The assistance was terrific and professional. It is a great feeling to have a knowledgeable person to assist me and to customize my site to my specs. Plus the advice I was given on certain aspects on my site help me to know what works and how that affectss potential clients. With this level of help and support, I am confident that my website will work in a way that I want it to work. Thank you and have a wonderful day!
Carol P.

Lori R.
Just writing to let you know how impressed I am with the website I received through Universal Accounting. I think it is an easy way to get a professional image out to potential clients. It seems easy to navigate through and I have never had any experience in setting up a webpage. I love the look and the ease of use. Thanks again for your time! Lori R.

Natalya G.
"I am impressed by the quality of website hosting services Universal Accounting provides to its subscribers. I love my website's professional look as well as features it offers, such as calendar page where I can post company's events for the clients to see, SEO optimization feature as well as newsletter marketing option. More than that, it was a great experience to deal with technical support representative, UA Sites Support, who showed a genius interest in helping me to build website exactly the way I want it to be. He was very attentive to my preferences and even helped me to have page in my native language. UA Sites Support was on the top of the process upgrading my website in no time." Thanks you UA Sites. Natalya G.

Shirley B.
I was excited about receiving my 6 months free website trial with Universal Accounting's Professional Bookkeepers course. However, I have no idea how to set up my web site. Even when I looked at the link I went "Now What?". Fortunately for me Universal Accounting has a professional website designer. I found Cole to be very knowledgeable, customer service oriented, caring and reliable. He kept his appointments on time and alerted me of any changes. He was very caring and helped me to understand the "how two's of editing my website pages" He expained every detail carefully and gave me much appreciated individual service for what I wanted in my website. He listened carefully to me and what I wanted. It is wonderful when you find a business that has such great customer service. If Cole had not been there to help me I doubt I would have been able to set up my website and I would have lost a valuable business tool. Thank you to Cole and Universal Accounting for all the Wonderful business support ! " - Shirley B.

Emanuel G. View Site
Website Support is a professional a knowledgeable and helpful team who takes seriously their responsibilities and promise to their clients. I called UA with an attitude this is not what I expect. Website Support immediately took responsibility and promptly provided the solution. I was impressed. They returns calls in a timely manner and work diligently to deliver the Universal Accounting promise. They have surpassed my expectations, I am impressed. Every contact with them has been filled with progress and much useful website information. Website Support may you continue to be diligent and satisfy the on-going needs of your clients. I wish you much success. Emanuel G.