Universal Accounting Center® In Business for over 30 Years

Universal Accounting was built around the unmistakable need for competent training in the proper application of accounting principles in the daily processes necessary to run and operate a successful business.

In the 1960's, Alf Bostrom, founder of Universal Accounting, decided to venture into business for himself; he started a management company. For a percentage of potential future profits, he managed failing businesses, many on the brink of bankruptcy, and promised to turn them around using his own capital and lines of credit. What business owner wouldn't take that offer? Alf didn't earn a dime unless the business became successful.

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Alf learned how to make any business successful by adhering to basic principles in production, marketing and accounting. He also learned that most individuals with accounting degrees lacked the proper training to do the accounting for the small business. Accounting professionals also didn't seem to know how to market themselves. So to fill the gap, Alf created and wrote a small business accounting program. He opened his doors in 1979. Universal was formed to teach CPA's, accountants, and business owners the proper method of small business accounting.

In 1992, two of Alf's sons, Allen Bostrom (a practicing CPA) and Ken Bostrom, joined the company with various talents and experiences and built an accounting practices that worked with small and large companies. Since that time Universal Accounting®, which is registered with the State of Utah, has become an international institution with a large online presence and multiple websites and our many training products has helped to position Universal as a mainstay in the accounting industry.